Basic courses
Modern interpretation of Chinese Philosophy

Western Philosophy

Applied Ethics

Basic courses group:

Basic Problems of Philosophy
Political Philosophy
History of Chinese Philosophy
History of Western Philosophy
Advanced courses

Applied ethics courses group
Applied Ethics

Topics in Applied Ethics

Topics on Applied Philosophy

Seminar in Practical Philosophy and Applied Ethics

Seminar in Philosophy of Religion

Topics on Environmental Ethics

Special Topics in Animal Rights

Medical Ethics

Study of Social and Political Philosophy

Social and Political Philosophy

Philosophy of Civilization

Theories of Gender/Sexuality

History of Western Philosophy courses group
History of Western Philosophy

Topics in History of Western Philosophy

Interpretation of Classics of Western Philosophy

Seminar on Greek Philosophy

Topics in Western Philosophy

Thoughts of Contemporary Philosophy

Seminar in Contemporary Philosophy

Seminar in Western Philosophy

Philosophy of Kant

Seminar in Philosophy of Kant

Seminar on Phenomenology

Phenomenology and Hermeneutics


Modern interpretation of Chinese Philosophy courses group
Modern interpretation of Chinese Philosophy

The Modern of Chinese Philosophy

Topics in Chinese Philosophy

Research on Topics in Chinese Philosophy

Special Topics in Contemporary Neoconfucianism

Individual studies in the confucian conception of public affairs

Zhuxi and Korean Confucianism

The Philosophy of the Han Dynasty

Philosophy of Song Dynasty

Seminar of Song-Ming Philosophers

Seminar of Song-Ming Confucianism

Classics of Chinese Philosophy

The Book of Changes

Philosophy of Chuang-Tzu

Philosophy of Lao Tzu

Seminar in the Buddhism

Buddhist Hermeneutics
Future development

Further education
Domestic and International Universities

Advanced Studies in Research Institutes

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